Need self-storage space? Here at Britannia Beckwith we are fully aware that storage may be a requirement during the moving process for a period prior to delivery, this can be down to not being able to match up completion days on your old and new homes. Storage can also be needed for a number of other reasons including re decorating and the general de-cluttering of your home. Well whatever the reason Beckwith removals can offer a secure, and flexible self-storage solution.


Self Storage Services

Self Storage is a convenient and flexible way to store your items for which you need regular access. Here at Britannia Beckwith we use portable containers to store your effects in, the main advantage being we are able to bring the container to your vehicle for easy loading and unloading, rather than you having to carry items down long corridors saving you time and energy. Our self-storage containers come in a number of sizes, you can therefore store as much or as little as you wish to, and you will only have to pay for the storage you are using. Our self-storage prices are generally very competitive and can be up to 60% less than our competitors.

Self Storage Access

You can access our self storage facility during the day Monday – Friday 8am-5:30pm.


Secure Storage

Our storage depot is a high-security warehouse, with CCTV, smoke and fire detection systems and a top level alarm system. So you can thus rest assured that your goods are safe at all times.


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