Household Storage

Need household storage space? Here at Britannia Beckwith we are fully aware that storage may be a requirement during the moving process for a period prior to delivery, this can be down to not being able to match up completion days on your old and new homes.
Household Storage can also be needed for a number of other reasons including re decorating and the general de-cluttering of your home. Well whatever the reason Beckwith removals can offer a secure, and purpose built storage solution. Through Britannia we are able to offer both nationwide storage here in the UK and international storage solutions.


Containerised Storage

Whether you just have a few boxes to store or a whole home of effects, Beckwith will be happy to help, we have never been asked to store an amount bigger than we could cope with.
We provide our customers with all the benefits that come from offering a fully containerised storage service. Beckwith are able to collect your belongings from your home and load them into our specially designed storage containers. On arrival at our removals warehouse, the containers are mechanically handled into their storage space so this cuts down physical handling of your goods by 200%. These storage containers will then not be opened again until we are instructed to by our customer, which is normally on arrival at you new home.


Detailed Inventory

When the goods are collected our crew will complete a detailed inventory of all items being taken into our care. Where relevant condition will also be noted and you will be left with a copy of this which you should keep safe to check off when items are redelivered.


Secure Storage

Our storage depot is a high-security warehouse, with CCTV, smoke and fire detection systems and a top level alarm system. So you can then rest assured that your goods are safe at all times.





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