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Here at Britannia Beckwith removals we are committed to moving you in a way that is designed to suit you. We offer a very flexible range of different packing options for you to consider, giving both choice and value for money.


Packed by Owner

In this options you have decided to undertake all the packing of personal effects yourself, which means anything that fits into a carton has to be packed into a carton. You can use your own cartons and / or purchase them from us. The amount of cartons and other protective materials required can be discussed with the surveyor when he visits you.


Part Packing Service

If you chose to take this option then it is up to you to make clear to the surveyor when he visits exactly how much or how little you would like us to pack for you. The most popular choice people make is for us to pack the breakable’s which would include items such as china, glassware, pictures, mirrors, ornaments, and lamps.


Full packing service

We will pack up all your personal effects into cartons ready to be moved, in most cases this would be done prior to your moving day. At Beckwith removals we use a full range of cartons and other protective materials to ensure your effects our suitably cared for. These range from small cartons for heavy objects, right up to large portable wardrobe cartons for moving all your hanging garments. The packing will be undertaken by professional full time packers, who are very experienced. They all know exactly how to pack each and every item for it to arrive safely at your new home.




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